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Job Description:

Our client, a prominent figure in Thailand’s construction, port, and energy sectors, seeks a CEO to oversee construction, port operations, and the initiation of commercial activities with a focus on profit and loss management. The role involves leading the organization’s construction projects, managing port operations, and spearheading commercial initiatives to ensure financial success.

Job responsibilities

  • Directly participating in strategic-level decisions.
  • Defining and implementing a multi-year strategic plan for the port company in alignment with identified strategic goals and objectives and presenting the plan to the board for approval.
  • Overseeing and assisting the management team with the development of all internal business policies, strategies, and objectives, presenting these to the board for approval, and overseeing the implementation of these once approved.
  • Ensuring strategic objectives are being met by annually reviewing and revising strategies and business plans, and the annual business plan is well communicated, understood, and committed to by all employees.
  • Executing strategic policies requires working with business partners, authorities, and other stakeholders.
  • Defining, developing, and executing visions and strategies for LCP3, including business planning and budgeting.
  • Managing and guiding port construction, automated equipment installation, and implementation plans and activities in line with timeline and budget.
  • Representing the organization with major customers, shareholders, the financial community, government regulatory authorities, and the face of the local business in the eyes of the public.
  • Establishing automated port operations as per plans, standards, and procedures consistent with the company’s policies.
  • Managing and maintaining relationships and communication with external stakeholders, including but not limited to shipping line companies, shippers, consignees, customs and other government officers, Transport operators, etc.
  • Leading in selection, negotiation, and finalizing agreements with authorities, suppliers, and customers where appropriate, and being responsible for the execution and maintenance of service levels as agreed.
  • Leading commercial activities to bring in container volume to reach port maximum capacity within the agreed timeline.
  • Building up the new business and revenue related to the port activities.
  • Ensuring effective risk management regarding the operations and business growth activities of the port company and overseeing all crisis management planning and business continuity procedures, working closely with the management team.
  • Establishing business priorities to meet customer requirements while driving continuous improvement in business processes, productivity, IT implementation, and cost management.
  • Determining appropriate staffing levels, managing recruitment, competencies, training, education, and career planning as per legal and company requirements.
  • Being accountable for the financial performance and profitability of the port company as well as all development and growth of the business.
  • Preparing and submitting financial reports, statements, and budgets for approval by the board.
  • Developing and implementing performance measures for operational, financial, employee, and customer service activities.
  • Effectively managing the overall safety and security of port operations while working closely with both safety and security management personnel.
  • Ensuring full safety compliance with international standards, regulations, and procedures for the operation of the ports and any facilities and properties owned and/or operated by the port company.
  • Communicating in accurate and timely manners to the Board, through regular monthly performance reports or as requested by the Board on an ad hoc basis, and on matters of importance as they arise.
  • Ensures that board committees (e.g., audit committee, governance committee) are appropriately served and provided with information as required.
  • Ensuring that the board is kept informed of all current major financial or operational issues and developments, including risk, safety, and security matters.


  • Bachelor’s degree or higher in logistics, maritime and port, process/industrial engineering, a marine qualification, or any related fields.
  • Minimum 10 years of progressive experience in the operation management of seaports, container terminals, or shipping lines at a senior executive level, i.e., Chief Executive Officer or Senior Management.
  • Experience in major construction of superstructures and developing commercial activities.
  • Experience in automated port operations, significant asset management and planning, or a regulated business.
  • Expertise in marine, shipping, and logistics industry-specific concepts, operational excellence, cost control, and automation of operating systems in seaports or container terminals.
  • Proven strong commercial, strong leadership, and influencing skills through excellent strategic thinking, conceptual skills, and commercial judgement.
  • Good communication skills with the ability to communicate across the organization.
  • Excellent stakeholder management skills and a proven track record in building up and maintaining good relationships within the shipping industry, the local communities, and the government.
  • Goal-Oriented, Unity, Learning, Flexible.

The shortlisted candidate will be contacted by our recruiter exclusively

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Required Skills:

Cost Management Business Continuity Financial Performance Unity Initiation Strategic Thinking Operational Excellence Operators Asset Management Business Planning Stakeholder Management Cost Control Customer Requirements Energy Shipping Continuous Improvement Operating Systems Government Risk Management Automation Budgeting Negotiation Construction Regulations Security Education Suppliers Customer Service Maintenance Planning Leadership Engineering Communication Business Training Management

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