Digital Marketing Manager

We are working with a leading Digital Wealth Management company for a Digital Marketing Manager position. We are looking for individual who has strong level of English. Expat is welcome

We seek a dynamic, hands-on Digital Marketing Manager to lead our comprehensive digital marketing initiatives. This pivotal role is designed for a strategic thinker who brings depth in digital marketing practices, particularly in paid media and analytics. The successful candidate will demonstrate an ability to leverage data to inform strategy, execute across all digital channels, and drive measurable results.

Key Responsibilities:

• Architect and execute integrated digital marketing strategies encompassing content marketing, social media, CRM, SEO, and email marketing.

• Lead the development and management of targeted paid media campaigns, ensuring alignment with corporate objectives and responsiveness to market dynamics.

• Foster cross-functional collaboration to ensure cohesive digital messaging and brand consistency across all customer touchpoints.

• Utilize advanced analytics to monitor campaign performance, derive insights, and optimize strategies for enhanced engagement and conversion.

• Mentor and guide the marketing team, promoting an environment of innovation and accountability.

• Stay abreast of emerging digital marketing technologies and trends, particularly within the blockchain and fintech sectors, to maintain competitive edge.

About You:

• Fluent in English and proficient in managing diverse digital marketing tools and platforms.

• Exceptional analytical skills with a strong focus on data-driven decision-making.

• A passion for all things blockchain, crypto and DeFi, with hands-on experience in the sector preferred, but not essential.

• Committed and focused, with a drive to achieve significant milestones and contribute to our success.

• A natural leader, who embodies innovation, creativity, and doesn’t shy away from a collaborative, vibrant team environment.

• Collaborative and able to work with diverse teams to develop cohesive and effective digital marketing strategies.

Areas for Skill Enhancement:

• Advanced data analytics and interpretation for strategic planning.

• Innovative campaign management and optimization techniques.

• Leadership and team development to foster a culture of excellence and innovation.

• Understanding of evolving digital marketing landscapes, including AI and web3 advancements.

Your Values:

• Problem-Solving Approach: Always ready to tackle challenges with effective solutions.

• Teamwork: You know that collaboration fosters great ideas.

• Strong Communication Skills: Ability to connect and convey ideas effectively.

• Professional Responsibility: Taking ownership of your work with integrity.

• Community Focus: Recognizing that our community is at the heart of what we do.

Your Growth Journey:

• Enhance Tech Skills: Upgrade your abilities in web3 and digital marketing.

• Data-Driven Marketing: Leverage analytics to gain deep insights and enhance user acquisition.

• AI in Marketing: Explore the role of AI in revolutionizing digital marketing strategies.

• You’re not just joining a team; you’re entering a new era of finance. If you are currently based in Bangkok, Thailand and share our enthusiasm for marketing, social media, and the crypto revolution, we’re waiting to speak with you.

What We Offer:

• An exciting and dynamic work environment at the forefront of the fintech industry.

• Opportunities for career growth and professional development.

• Competitive salary and comprehensive benefits package including free office lunches, paid holidays, company health insurance and corporate gym membership.

• A collaborative and inclusive team culture that values innovation and creativity. • The chance to work with global clients and make a real impact in the finance sector

If you are interested in the position, please send your CV to

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