Lead Backend Developer

  • Location Udomsuk, Bangkok, Thailand
  • Salary Maximum is 150,000 Baht.
  • Expats living in Thailand are welcome.

Having at least 4 years experience in Software Engineering regarding these stacks:

  • Hard skills:

Basic knowledge:
– Being good with OOP and design patterns or having good mindset on functional programming (advanced knowledge)
– Good understanding on computer science (can explain what is actually happening behind your code)
– Know about the environment where your code is running: having basic understanding of or familiar with Unix/Linux OS
– Coding conventions, best practices, modern principles: DRY, SOLID, KISS, …
Programming languages:
Any mainstream programming languages could be welcome, good knowledge on these languages would be a big plus:
– Java
– React.js
– Node.js
– Python
– C/C++
– Golang
Database stacks:
Relational DB:
– MariaDB/MySQL, PostgreSQL
Document DB/Graph DB:
– MongoDB, ArangoDB, Neo4j
In-memory storage:
– Redis
Search engine:
– Elasticsearch
Deployment stacks:
– Can write shell scripts
– Familiar with CI/CD tools

  • Soft skills:

– Effective English communication (understandable in two-way communication)
– Honest
– Work hard first then work smart later
– Result oriented

Apply here:


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