Sous Chef (Vietnamese Cuisine)

Job Highlights

  • Min. 5 years exp. as a Sous Chef (Vietnam Cuisine)
  • Exp. in luxury restaurant/hotel kitchen
  • Expats are welcome

Job Description

About the Company

Our client is one of luxury restaurants in Bangkok, Thailand.


  1. To monitoring the operation and function of the assigned kitchen.
  2. Upholds the quality and standard of food. Tests cooked food and checks on its taste, appearance and freshness. Ensures that Mise-en-place must be always well prepared.
  3. Responsible for overseeing the kitchen staff, which may involve scheduling or dealing with personnel issues


  • Prepares and ensures a consistently excellent quality and standard of food. Tests cooked food and checks on its original appearance and freshness.
  • Makes sure that the produce a restaurant or commercial kitchen is using is of top quality, and that staff are well trained and skilled to ensure the best preparation
  •  Menu planning, inventory, and managing of supplies.
  • The Sous Chef also assist to ensure the kitchen’s safety and hygiene standard are adhered to at all times, and that staff are obeying sanitation rules.
  • Checks constantly for its taste, temperature and visual appearance. Makes sure that all dishes are of consistently good quality and that established portion sizes are adhered to. (Tastes all food being prepared and insists on top quality.)
  • Relaying orders to the line cooks and ensuring that the team works together to get all the orders right and get them out promptly.
  • Ensures all food is consistently prepared and presented according to company standards


  • Minimum 5 years of formal culinary experience (Vietnamese Cuisine) or food service management at a busy restaurant or hotel kitchen (preferably in a luxury/ 5 star class environment).
  • Exceptional cooking and creative skills
  • Ability to effectively manage the kitchen staff, motivate them and assign duties fairly
  • Familiarity with the best practices in the hotel and catering services industry
  • Knowledge of health and safety standards

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