Various Marketing Positions

Royi Sal is hiring!💍💎
We are expanding our Marketing Team
Available Positions:
Head of Marketing
Lead our marketing endeavors and showcase the artistry behind our jewelry to the world. Craft compelling narratives that elevate our brand to new heights.
B2B Marketing Manager
Drive partnerships and collaborations within the jewelry industry. Your strategic mindset will forge lasting connections with businesses that appreciate the craftsmanship we bring to every piece.
B2C Marketing Manager
Capture the hearts of individual customers. We’re seeking a creative mind to shape campaigns that resonate with personal stories, celebrating the emotional significance of our jewelry.
B2C Online Sales Staff/Supervisor/Platform Manager
Join our e-commerce team and be a part of the online shopping revolution. Whether you excel in sales, supervisory roles, or managing platforms, we have a glittering opportunity for you.
CRM Manager
Be the architect of unforgettable customer experiences. As a CRM Manager, create connections that go beyond transactions and build a loyal community around our brand.
Traffic Manager
Navigate the flow of creativity seamlessly. Join us as a Traffic Manager and ensure our marketing campaigns sparkle with precision and timeliness.
Content Creator (Text and Design)
Infuse magic into our brand story. Whether it’s through compelling text or stunning designs, be the creator who brings our jewelry to life on various platforms.
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