We are looking for native Farsi (Tehran)

🎙️ Scripted Speech Recording for AI Training! 🌐

🌟 Calling All Farsi Maestros! 🌟
Andovar has an exciting opportunity for native of Farsi (Tehran) speakers residing in Bangkok!
🎤 What’s the Gig?
Your voice will be the secret sauce behind training our AI to understand not just words but the nuances of human emotions.
  • Location: Andovar Studios, right next to the BTS Phra Khanong
  • Session Length: 18-56 hours
  • Mission: Train AI to be as savvy in emotions as you are!
  • Disclaimer: Your voice won’t be utilized for any public purposes
🌈 Why Join Us?
  • 🤓 No Experience Necessary: Your voice is your expertise!
  • 🎉 Studio Vibes: Our Bangkok studio is not your average workplace. It’s where creativity and technology collide!
  • 💰 Compensation: 1,000 THB per recording hour and with buyout fee of 35,000 THB on top!
🚀 Ready to Play Your Part?
If you are ready to embark on this unique journey, complete the form at
Let’s explore the world of AI together!

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