Most people haven’t heard of Koh Sichang.

It doesn’t have the fame or tourism like other islands in Thailand like Phuket, Koh Phangan, or Koh Phi Phi.

But Koh Sichang is actually one of my favorite islands in Thailand. 

It’s a small, quiet island off the coast of a town called SriRacha (yes, just like the sauce).

Sriracha sauce because to get to Koh Sichang, you need to go to Sriracha first.

And for me, it’s a perfect getaway for a day trip or two to enjoy great food and soak up the sun on the beach.  

How to Get There:

You can either drive or take a van/taxi/bus to the town of SriRacha.  From Bangkok, there are public bus/van stations that go directly to Sriracha.  MoChit and Ekkamai bus stations can take you to Sriracha.

Once you arrive in Sriracha, head over to Koh Loi Pier.  

Koh Loi Pier in Sriracha Thailand.

You can easily get a motorcycle taxi or tuk tuk directly to Koi Loi Pier.

And at the end of the pier you can get your ferry ticket to Koh Sichang for just 50 baht per person.

The ferry takes about 45 minutes to arrive at Koh Sichang. 

How to Get Around Koh Sichang:

Motorbike Rental

A zoomerx motorbike

Most people choose to rent a motorbike for the day.  It only costs 250-300 baht for an entire day’s rental.  

And it’s extremely easy to rent.  

All the motorcycle rentals are on the pier where the ferry arrives.  You simply ask one of the people for a motorbike, pay 250 baht, and they give you the key.  No paperwork, deposits, or hassle.

One nice thing about Koh Sichang is that cars are not allowed on the island (besides garbage trucks and things like that ), so it’s quite safe to ride your motorbike.

You don’t have to worry about speeding cars or busy roads on Koh Sichang. 

And because Koh Sichang is so small, you can make a circle around the entire island (on a motorbike) in about 15-25 minutes. 

Tuk Tuk

A tuk tuk in a unique style like you can see on koh sichang.

If you aren’t comfortable renting a motorbike, they also have tuk tuks too. The price is similar to the motorbike rental.  

Usually about 250-300 baht per day.  And for the tuk tuk, they will drop you off at the main areas in Koh Sichang.  Make sure you get their phone number so you can call them to pick you up. 

On Foot

Although it would be a little tough on foot, it can be done.  Just make sure to bring some nice walking shoes and a hat to shade you from the sun. 

What to do in Koh Sichang:

Tham Phang Beach:

A wide view of the Tham Phang beach at Koh Sichang

Koh Sichang is a very small island so there’s only one main beach. It has beautiful clean water with hills on either side of the beach.  

And it’s quite a small beach, but I find it’s generally not so crowded so it has a cozy feel to it.

You can also rent kayaks or take a ride on a banana boat!

Like most beaches in Thailand, Tham Pang beach has deck chairs shaded by umbrellas.  

deck chairs on the beach

But the nice thing about Koh Sichang is that these chairs are free, although it is expected that you order something to eat or drink from the restaurants next to the chairs.  

As you take a seat, someone will come up to you with a menu and you can order full meals, or just have a few drinks.

Eat Delicious Food

If you love seafood, Koh Sichang is the place to be.  You can find an abundance of restaurants and street food sellers with absolutely amazing food. 

My personal favorite restaurant at Koh Sichang is called Pan and David.  It has a fairly extensive menu of Thai food and western food.  

I usually get their cheddar burger with homemade pickles and fries as well as a side dish of garlic squid.  

And no joke, this squid dish is the best squid I’ve ever had anywhere.  You don’t want to miss it. 

So definitely check out Pan and David for some amazing food. 

And when I go to Koh Sichang, I pretty much only eat at two places:  Pan and David and the unnamed restaurants on the beach.  

But there are plenty of other great restaurants on the island as well (especially if you love seafood).  

San Jao Phaw Khao Yai 

This is a magnificent Chinese temple on the top of a hill.  The name San Jao Phaw Khao Yai translates to “Shrine of the Father Spirit of the Great Hill”.  

Even if you’ve been to plenty of temples before, this is worth it just because the view is amazing after you make it to the top.  

Though, be ready to walk up hundreds of stairs!  But it will be worth it. 

buddha's footprint temple

And when you get near the top, there will be another temple called Roi Phraphutthabat, which has a bell and Buddha’s footprint (not a real one, but a mock one).

Phra Chuthathut Palace

The green house palace

This palace was built in the late 1800’s by the King of Thailand as a “summer royal residence”.

Although it’s not populated by the Thailand royal family anymore, it still remains and is a beautiful place to visit. 

Asdang Bridge

This beautiful wooden bridge goes directly into the sea so you can have a great view and take some amazing pictures.

Vajiravudh Bridge

Another bridge

This is another great place to get some exercise and great views of the island!

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