June 9, 2022 was a historic moment for South-East Asia.

This was the day Thailand became the first Asian country in the world to decriminalize cannabis nationwide.

A weed shop in Phuket Thailand called Green Land 420.

In a region of the world with very strict drug laws, this came as a surprise to many. 

Some people say this was done to increase tourism and create more jobs in Thailand. 

But whatever the reasons, once marijuana became legal in Thailand, weed shops popped up like crazy.  

In 2023, there’s an estimated 5000+ marijuana dispensaries in Thailand.  

A line of glass jars filled with Thai cannabis

So needless to say, business is booming.  

Soon after the new cannabis laws in Thailand, the Public Health Ministry issued some guidelines to help inform tourists about the cannabis rules in Thailand. Here’s what they published:

10 Things Tourists Need to Know about Cannabis in Thailand

1. Carrying seeds or parts of the cannabis plant from and to Thailand for personal purposes are not permitted.

2. Cannabis cultivation is legal, but growers must register on the Food and Drug Administration’s Plook Ganja application or the agency’s website.

3. A permit is needed to use cannabis buds for research, export and sale and further processing for commercial purposes.

4. Individuals under 20 years old, Pregnant women and breastfeeding women are not eligible to use cannabis except under the supervision of health professionals.

5. Possession of extract containing more than 0.2  THC and synthetic THC requires permission.

6. Cannabis contained dishes are available in authorized restaurants. 

7. Approved cannabis health products are accessible through specific channels.

8. Smoking cannabis in public spaces, including schools and shopping malls, is illegal.

9. Avoid driving after consuming food or health products containing cannabis.

10. Those who have serious undesirable health outcomes cannabis should promptly see doctors for treatment.

So it seems pretty clear.  If you are an enthusiast of weed, Thailand is a great place for you to legally partake in it. 

A Thai man showing his support for the marijuana decriminalization in Thailand


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